Welcome to Rubidium's Installation Wizard!

Rubidium is a ban management system that allows you to manage your community's bans in a quick and easy manner. Your players and admins will be able to view and issue bans and appeals, within a secure and beautiful environment.

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Requirements Check for Rubidium

The below list shows the various dependencies which Rubidium needs in order to be able to operate. Please make sure that you have all of the below requirements installed and accessible:

PHP 5.4+ Installed
CURL Installed
JSON Extension Installed
OpenSSL Extension Installed
PDO Extension Installed
MySQL or SQLite PDO Drivers Installed
Mbstring Extension Installed
Tokenizer Extension Installed
Zip Extension Installed


Rubidium License

In order to use Rubidium, you need to create a license key on the MEGAscripts Support Panel. You can create a license by clicking the button below:

Rubidium License Center

Enter your license key below:


SQLite database will be stored in: /home/turtlett/public_html/bans/web/Application/database/db.sqlite


Steam API

Take a deep breath. You're almost done. You just need to get a Steam API key so that Rubidium is able to pull user images and allow for sign in.

To do so, click the link below and sign in to your Steam account:

Steam API Key Site

Create a Domain Name and agree to the terms, and then you'll receive a development API key. Enter the key below: